Find the best way to get your invention idea made

Use our free design tool, free educational resources and free project reviews to get your project started with the best first step possible and connect with the right designers and engineers for you.

We do the hard work upfront, so your project runs smoothly to success.

60% time savings

Less time and money spent starting a project and searching for the best option to get your product made.  Receive quotes from the best design agencies for you without the time consuming research, emails and meetings. 

Increased chance of a successful product

More time at the start of a project speaking to customers, experimenting with ideas and reviewing the project increases your chances of success. We focus on building the right product as well as the product right. 

No upfront costs

Everything is free until you are ready for design work. Then we charge the design agencies a 20% commission. This gives you the freedom to take your time and get your invention idea right. Rome wasn't built in a day, let's do this one brick at a time.

How it Works

1. Start a Project

Using our free design tool and educational resources. We help you bring together every bit of product information you have so you don't have to repeat this to multiple people.


2. Submit project for a review

Gain help and tips, multiple times, from experienced professionals. The free review is a great way to figure out the steps needed to get your product made.

3. Request quotes

A range of quotes for the design work needed. Multiple quotes with no extra work from relevant, experienced and vetted design agencies.


4. Design work starts

With a clear spec, idea and the best design agency for you. The project has a running start with a clear goal and the steps to get there.

I needed help with my product idea but was worried about investing money straight away. InventPad allowed me to get my idea started for free. I then I had a better understanding for what was needed and was confident with the designers I chose.

M Thomas