Product Preview

The product preview gives a quick overview of the main feature of InventPad. Whether you want to check out the product before using it or need some tips to get yourself started the videos below will help.

1. Quick and simple to input product information

InventPad helps you break down your product information into smaller chunks. This makes it quick and easy to input and ingest. The simple user interface makes it easy to navigate around your product information and see your progress. Add the text and pictures that are the starting point to building your amazing product idea.

2. Resources & guidance for the highest quality information

Gain access to a wide range of resources that support you to input very high quality information. We provide blogs, tutorials and FAQs specific to each section of the design brief. This prevents you from getting stuck at any point and allows for a quick and easy way to learn as you go.

3. Personal product design brief web page

Complete your design brief and get your own private web page. This can be accessed anywhere on any device. You can share this with friends, family or design agencies to gain feedback. This feedback will then help you to move forward with the next stage.

4. Find the path to move forward and the professionals to help you

We give you full control over who can view your design brief. It is really easy to share the design brief via email. Instantly share your design brief with the professional design agency that has the skills in your product area. 

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