How does InventPad work?

InventPad connects people with an invention idea to the professionals that can bring that idea to life. This is done by giving the inventors a Design Brief Creator tool to quickly communicate their idea. Once this is complete you can then gain access to a list of professionals (product designers, industrial designers and engineers) and instantly share your design brief in a format they are comfortable with. They can then view your design brief and provide the necesary feedback needed to start your relationship together. Throughout the process you will also gain an insight into how to invent, make a prototype and patent an idea. Read more here.

Why do I need a design brief?

Creating a design brief is an amazing way to gain a better understanding of your idea and then be able to communicate this quickly and easily to others. The InventPad Design Brief Creator helps you to think of every aspect of your product whilst teaching about the overall design process needed to get your product to market. This is the first step to building a prototype, making a product and patentning an idea.

How much does it cost?

It is 100% FREE. We want to see as many inventors solving as many problems as possible. We don't want to probide limitations to an idea right at the start and therefore it is free to create your design brief.

Can I use it as a hobbyist/ maker?

Yes!! We are massive fans of the maker movement and love creating things just for the fun of it. You can create your design brief for free and then just leave the sections that don't apply to you blank. You will then have a design brief you can share with other maker friends or just keep for yourself to help bring your project to life.

Who are the professionals?

The design and engineering professionals are established and experienced design agencies or freelancers that have partnered with InventPad. We have a checklist of requirements that need to be met to become a partner to ensure the highest quality of interactions between both parties. If you are interested in partnering with InventPad click here.

Is my idea private?

Your idea, information and data is fully private. You will be able to create a private account and the only time the design brief can be seen by others is when it is shared by you. If you share the design brief with the wrong person it is very quick and easy to remove them and prevent everyone but yourself viewing it.

What does Full IP Ownership mean?

Your idea is always your own. We store and organise your information and provide you with resources to move your idea forward but we are not a licensing company. We want to support everyday inventors to be able to create their own products without having to lose any ownership unless they choose to themselves.

What resources are there?

The resources will be in the form of invention tutorials, blogs and videos. They will be straight to the point to educate and guide you as quickly as possible. This will allow you to learn the information or skills you need whilst working on your project, moving things forward faster.

How will this save me time and money?

When inventing products, most causes for loss of time and money are by incorrect information and communication. InventPad will save you time and money by providing the resources and tools to extract all the information at a very early stage. Meaning you know the goal for your product and the direction to get there. This design brief will also save you money on early consultancy fees.

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