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Welcome to the official InventPad Blog. Our aim is to help you get started on your invention design and hardware journey. We are working hard to help you take that first step towards bringing your amazing ideas to life.

This blog is about bringing together information on all the amazing resources and tools that help us inventors. We want it to be a place where you can come to feel inspired and motivated whilst creating a product from just an idea. We want to bring together the tinkerers, makers, enterprenerus and innovators making changes in the hardware world.

Check it out below and we would love to hear your thoughts on your favourite content and what you want to see next.

How to Invent 2018

Learning how to invent in 2018 is very exciting. This blog gives a broad overview for the options to get physical products to market. It can be a long and windy road but there are lots of resources and tools to make it easier.

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